These vintage Pla-Mor Auto-Magic bingo cards are so cool! They have a very retro look and feel. Each board is nicely stitched, and they're a unique gold color. Close the windows and the numbers turn to black, as you may be able to see in the lower right board in the photo. There's also two diamond shapes in black, which adds to the gaming potential! Of course each board has a card number, and in addition to the AUTO-MAGIC MFG. in U.S.A. BY PLA-MORE above the BINGO on the tops of the cards, it's also printed with 'Ladies Auxiliary AURORA VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, INC. stamped on each card. What a great find! And you'll get 50 cards, and they're all in great shape!!! I do have 50 more, and I'll give the winner the option to purchase the other 50 as well. Please let me know if you'd like more photos or information emailed to you, and thanks for looking!