*50 "Locking" Pin Backs - Easy to Use - no tools req'd

50 High-security, low-profile pin backs (~7mm tall, 10mm dia) Clasps to keep your pins, medals, insignia, wings, etc., securely attached to your uniform, vest, pin-book, or lanyard. Highest quality, jewelry grade.
No more lost pins -- the harder you pull the pin, the tighter it grabs. Don't think they will work as well as the ones with set screws? Check my feedback ! ! ! But easily released with a simple squeeze/pull from the rear. No tools required like those other "secure backs" and No set-screws to loosen up.
Just like a tie-tack back, but no ball on the end -- now it lies flat. Type used by Disney cast members to secure their service pins on their nametags.
No pin poke-thru. Ladies love these smooth, low-profile pin clasps (no more irritated skin from poke-through or rough backs.)
Airline Pilots are buying like mad to keep their wings level. Also good for military uniform items -- no more loose rank, nametags, ribbons, badges, medals, etc.
No bloody fingers from missing the hole and poking through a rubber back.
No torn fingertips from removing cheap metal backs in your pin book.
Auction is for fifty (50) chrome-plated solid brass pin clasps Only. Other items pictured are for comparison purposes. The two circled items show size and thickness.
Disney Olympic sales promotion dizpins
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