50 Magic Tree House 1-10 Junie B. Jones Bailey School Kids Chapter Books LOT

DESCRIPTION : Wow, what a find! Up for auction, is an AMAZING collection of 50 assorted RL 2-3 chapter books including Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones and more , providing hours of great reading enjoyment!

Sample Description "NATE THE GREAT is a wonderful series that introduces young readers to the world of mysteries and clues. Nate the Great has his first night case! "Detective work is not fun and games," Nate explains. "Detective work is dirty garbage cans instead of clean beds. Detective work is banana peels, dishrags, milk cartons, floor sweepings, cigar ashes, fleas, and me..."
It's a tough case. Somebody is raiding Oliver's garbage can each night, but who? The list of suspects is long--Rosamond and Esmeralda, the girls down the street; Rosamond's cats; and all the shrews, moles skunks, birds, and racoons in the neighborhood. Nate courageousely encounters a skunk (nose first) and a telephone pole (head on), but not until he goes under cover of the garbage-can lid does he narrow the suspects down to one.

CONDITION : As you can probably tell from the pictures, these books are all softcover paperback items, and in very good reading condition. You should expect to see common wear to some of the covers and edges, such as a written name, but they are clean reading copies and many are unread or like new. From
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