50 Roll Box 2009 D BU Lincoln Cent Pennies Penny Cabin

Update ..... Getting Harder and Harder to Find!

Up For Auction

You are bidding on an UNOPENED Sealed Box of 50 BU Rolls of 2009 United States Lincoln Cent Pennies with the Log Cabin reverse design Minted at the DENVER MINT.This is the first of four different designs this year and are highly collectible. This Auction Also Includes FREE SHIPPING!

From a recent NBC News Segment:

Dick Austin of Gallery of Coins said, “I called the banks I do business with. I had a couple customers called their banks and I also had dealers from out of state as far away as Texas call their banks and none of the new banks have the new pennies available.”

According to another collector "The 2009 lincoln cents are becoming very scarce with low mintage because of the economic downturn and also because each mint has to split up into four different coins. This means that the mintage numbers could be lower than we have seen in over fifty years."

Each roll is wrapped by N.F. String and Son Inc., of Harrisburg PA and the box is also N.F. String and Son with their round logo on the bottom. This auction is for a SEALED Box with 50 Brilliant Uncirculated Rolls of 2009 Lincoln Log Cabin Pennies from the Denver Mint .

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