50 sewn for Z

Up for auction is the batch of our Triple Stacked SEWN pennies. There are 50 of them- assorted colors- Perfect for your Holiday Ideas.look closely at them, We have Hand sewn 3 wool pennies together- A 1" pennie on top of a 1.5" pennie on top of a 2" pennie.They are not hooked together- Just laid out here so you can get a good look, Finish on a backing for a pillow or a pennie rug. join together to creat a gorgeous prim garland. This wool has been gathered from our local "Haunts' all re-purposed-cleaned and hand cut.Then HAND SEWN.This is a special offer !!! We have taken alot of the work out of these for you so you can get a jump on your Holiday projects.The Batch will be an assortment of colors of wool. Ships FREE. Thanks for Lov'in Our Pennies!!!