50+ stereo 3D slides PAUL WING FLOWERS Kodachrome 3-D


50+ stereo slides of FLOWERS mostly CLOSE UP macro

All slides appear to be KODACHROME, all metal mounts except one glass

Paul was a prolific flower photographer, is a nice variety of his original work. Most are in 5-P (21mm W) mounts, though a few are 28mm (7-P).
Some have notes and/or dates, but most do not. T may be traces of bluing in the emulsion or some faint scratches in a small percentage of slides.

Paul Wing, the well-known stereo giant who wrote the definitive book on stereoscopes "STEREOSCOPES, the FIRST 100 YEARS" , was an avid stereo photographer who began his 3D endeavors in the 1930's. Paul helped found the International Stereoscopic Union and also served as their president. In 1979 he was recognized with a Life Achievement Award from the Stereoscopic Society American Branch (now SSA). He was named a Fellow of the National Stereoscopic Association in 1985. Mr. Wing served the Board of Directors of NSA and also received a special Outstanding Stereographer Award in 1990 from the Association. Paul was also a Fellow in the Third Dimension Society of Great Britain and a charter member of the Photographic Historical Society of New England and had been a member of Great Britain's Stereoscopic Society for about 50 years. At the 1995 annual meeting of the Stereoscopic Society of
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