This is a 1/50 th troy ounce bar of the purest 999.9 solid gold (24K) available minted in the USA by the TGR / texasgoldreserve with the unique mint hologram /serial numbers for each ingot. Not everyone can afford to buy an ounce of gold at a time. By providing you with gold in fractional sizes, its easy to accumulate gold on a weekly or monthly basis. Having physical gold is wise as an inflation hedge and can also provide capital growth as gold price has risen every year for the last ten years. Experts say to hold between 5% and 20% of your investment capital in physical gold.These 1/50oz gold bars are beautiful and functional on that rainy day, 50 will weight exactly 1 troy ounce of 999.9 pure gold. The one you will receive will exactly similar to the one pictured.

Gold won't stop. It will correct at times, but it will rise as long as these things continue:
1) Budget Deficit
2) Trade Deficit
3) Increasing Social security, welfare, food stamps
4) Declining Wages
5) QE in all forms ( aka unlimited money printing by the feds )
6) Demographic shifts including baby boomers retiring
7) China/Russia/Brazil/India all wanting a new global reserve currency
8) The mega rich keep getting richer

Note gold increased 10 folds in last ten years look at chart below , they say buy low and sell high,
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