500,000 New Iraqi Dinar (20 x 25,000) Uncirculated 1/2 million. Ships tomorrow!

Hello and thanks for looking at our auction!
You are bidding on 500,000 New Iraqi Dinar, sold as (20) 25,000 Dinar bills. All of our bills are in uncirculated condition, display ALL the security features, and are guaranteed 100% authentic.
Everything we sell is on hand, ready to be shipped the same day, or following morning at the latest, via USPS Certified Priority Mail.
Any questions, feel free to contact us, thanks!
The dinar may lose value; there is no guarantee that its value will go up; you can lose money here. This dinar is sold as a collectible and not as an investment in currency.
Please note, Paypal payments can not exceed 1,000 dollars per day, per customer. If you're paying with Paypal, the total can not be more than 1,000 dollars per day.