500 11.5g Poker Chip Set Brand New Wood Case 1STQuality

(CCDE,1 ) $25.00 s&h

You are bidding on one brand new hand built wooden poker chip case and 500 11.5g poker chips.

If you are looking for a cheap poker chip set then this is not the auction for you. All cases are hand built and are of top quality; not cheap like the aluminum cases the other guys sell.

Item Specifications
Chip Weight: 11.5g Colors: 200 White, 100 Blue, 100 Red, 100 Black Pricing Information
Minimum Bid: $22.50 Shipping: $25.00 UPS Sales Tax (In FL): 7%

This high quality poker chip set is made out of a dark stained wood. This comes with everything you need to play casino style poker at home: 500 chips (red, white, blue, black), 2 decks of No. 92 Club Special Bee playing cards, 5 dice, and a dealer button.

The top of the case is a dark stained wood as shown in the picture above.

All metal parts of the case are made of a sturdy brass that is not only tough but looks good as well. The shade of brown wood used to assemble the case was pick out to ensure that it looks great with the brass. The hinge above and the latch in the picture below were screwed onto the cas by hand, not done by a machine that knows nothing of quality.

Winning bidder pays $25.00 (S&H) shipping by UPS. If paying by paypal, winning bidder will need to provide paypal with a confirmed
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