$500 1934 CHICAGO PCGS VF25

A true rarity beyond imagination. This note combines scarcity, quality, certification, full flashy ink color, popular district, desirability, denomination, 3 dimensional portrait of martyred president William McKinley, birthyear serial, dark green seal, unlimited upside, and fantastic opportunity. From the popular Chicago district, this among the rarest of the rare. Might have graded much higher but for stains.

Today, the currency of the United States , the U.S. dollar , is printed in bills in denominations of $1 , $2 , $5 , $10 , $20 , $50 , and $100 .

At one time, however, it also included five larger denominations. High-denomination currency was prevalent from the very beginning of U.S. Government issue (1861). $500, $1,000, and $5,000 interest bearing notes were issued in 1861, and $10,000 gold certificates arrived in 1865. There are many different designs and types of high-denomination notes.

The high-denomination bills were issued in a small size in 1929, along with the $1 through $100 denominations. The designs were as follows:

The $500 bill featured a portrait of William McKinley The $1,000 bill featured a portrait of Grover Cleveland The $5,000 bill featured a portrait of James Madison The $10,000 bill featured a portrait of Salmon P. Chase The $100,000 bill featured a portrait of Woodrow
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