500 piece ESPN 11.5 g poker chip set

The set includes 500 championship edition 11.5g poker chips in 5 different colors (white red blue green and black). And each chip features a custom full-color inlay with ESPN's® Poker Club logo with a shimmering gold-colored ring.
A portable ballistic nylon case with embroidered ESPN's® Poker Club logo. With front pouches for playing cards and other must haves for your next tournament this is a handy case. A webbed padded shoulder strap and Included in the case are two decks of casino quality playing cards engraved dealer button big and small blinds 5 dice and Annie Duke's Guide to Winning Poker.
ESPN® first itroduced professional poker tournaments to the mass media in their televised series "The World Series of Poker." And the poker craze followed soon tafter spawing two more highly popular television series and millions of new poker enthusiasts. Now ESPN® has their own line of quality poker products. Endorsed by the "Duchess of Poker" herself World Series of Poker Winner Annie Duke these poker sets can be enjoyed by weekend player or poker room regular alike.