500 President New Yorker - Paulson - Casino Poker Chips

President Casino New Yorker

Paulson Top Hat & Cane Poker Chips

( ALL Primary Version)

100 x $500

200 x $100

200 x $25

(500 total chips w/ face value of $75,000)

The ULTIMATE Home Game Set!

These chips are brand new and mint uncirculated condition. They were made by Paulson for the "President Casino New Yorker" which never opened in New York City . Paulson chips are played the world over, including some of the finest casinos in Las Vegas & Atlantic City .

Chips are manufactured on the famous Top Hat & Cane mold and contain all the anti-counterfeiting measures Paulson / GPI uses in the manufacturing process for all the major casinos. These measures contain ultraviolet markings, alpha dot (which with a 30x magnifier reads nine lines of the Paulson name), and metal fleck. See pics for details.

Paulson chips are made of up to 13 different components. They are thermo-compressed and are commonly referred to as "clay chips." Paulson chips are custom molded with personalized inlays.

All inlays are oversized and extremely detailed. The $500 chips feature the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center (two main towers before 9/11). The $100 chips feature the New York Stock Exchange building. The $25 chips feature the Statue of Liberty
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