500 Royal Flush Poker Chip Set 14 table gram. FREE BOOK

Style Name:Royal Flush Case Size: 500 Ct Inlay Type: Laser Graphic Chip Composition: Casino Clay Composite Chip Weight: 14 Grams

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This is our Royal Flush Casino laser graphic poker chip set. This set includes 500 clay composite casino grade poker chips in an aluminum case. This set also features a free dealer button, 5 dice and 2 decks of playing cards. Each chip contains a laser graphic inlay that will sparkle tremendously and make your chips the best on the block.

This set includes the following denominations: 150 $1 Chip 100 $5 Chip 100 $25 Chip 100 $100 Chip 25 $500 Chip 25 $1000 Chip

The great thing about Poker Supplies Co is that we will custom build your set and list a private ebay auction for you with your chip preferences listed in the auction. So you can alter the denominations above or add the denominations lised below:

$10 Royal Flush Chips $50 Royal Flush Chips $5000 Royal Flush Chips $10,000 Royal Flush Chips

If you would like to receive a custom set, please send us an email at and we will set up a private ebay auction for your set. You can also call us at .

Heaviest Clay Composite Poker Chip on the Market Today. Shipped Securely in Styrofoam. Phone Support. Call us Toll Free at Deealer Button, Playing Cards, and Dice Included. Sturdy Case with Wooden Structured
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