500 XRP Ripple, send to you instantly

HERE IS THE Ripple xrp!

Hi, I have earned a lot of xrp and I want to sell it to you with a very reasonable price.

The value of Ripple XRP has rocketed recently due to Google recently announcing a major investment in Ripple:
If that was not enough, one of the people who helped set up Ripple XRP was the same person that set up MtGox - the original and largest Bitcoin exchange.
To receive Ripples all you need is a wallet, which can be created quickly (and for free!) from the following site:
Providing you have set up a wallet, all you need to do is purchase the ripple pack, pay using PayPal, and provide me with your wallet address (found in your Ripple wallet when you The wallet address is unique to your wallet, but once the transaction is sent it is impossible to reverse, so please ensure you give me the correct address! Contact me if you would like more detailed instructions, I am happy to help.

Once I receive payment and a message from you confirming your Ripple address, I shall send the 500 XRP as soon as I can.
There are no returns accepted on this item, and it is the buyer's responsibility to set up a Ripple Wallet and supply the correct address - please do double check!