500 year old antique Japanese Sword oo-wakizashi

This is a real approximately 500 year old sword that has been refitted into the japanese officers mount for WWII.
The authenticity and age of the sword has been told to me by five different dealer/collector and/or polishers three whom have viewed the sword first hand and two only from the photos. The concensus is that the sword was made in the muromachi period about 500 years ago.
The blade is not signed nor are t any other stamps or markings that I have noticed. I'm told that unsigned swords are often the unpicked sword of three or so that were made special order for someone, only the one chosen gets signed and the others don't. I can not verify this.
The blue and brown tassle indicates a junior officer like a lieutenant carried the sword during the war. I've been told it was probably an old family sword that was used for the war.
The sword is considered an oo-wakazashi because it is just under the length that is considered a katana and so it is considered a long wakazashi.
The measurements that I took are below. I am not a sword expert and may not have measured correctly.
3 Lengths / from notch to tip
24" (this was my measurement, one of the dealers measured it at 23 1/4 or 59 cm)
/ notch to the end of Tang
/ entire length
Moto-haba ( width around the
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