500 Yugioh Cards Bundle with Yugioh Tin

Hello, I have an enormous amount of Yugioh for sale. They've been lying around in my house for a while. I guess they would be a great nostalgia/memorabilia for someone. There are 500 Cards of which 50 are Rare/Super Rare/Ultra Rare/Secret Rare. The remaining 450 are Common
This Bulk Set contains:
4 Secret Rare Cards
Recurring Nightmare - Fine
Junk Gardner - Excellent
Malefic World - Mint
Malefic Parallel Gear - Excellent
6 Ultra Rare Cards
Black Tyranno - Excellent
Frozen Fitzgerald - Excellent
Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu - Fine
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit - Mint (Ultimate Rare)
Infernal Flame Emperor - Good
Caius the Shadow Monarch - Good
This Bulk Set also contains:
20 Super Rare Cards 20 Rare Cards 450 Common Cards ( 200 Monster , 125 Trap and 125 Magic )50 Cards Sleeves 1 Yugioh Tin
1 Yuigoh Official Game Rule Book 1 Play Mat (Paper)

Mint/Near Mint: This card shows almost no wear, and has NOT been played.

Excellent: There is wear on this card, although it may not be directly visible, you have to look for it. It will have more than a few slight dings, but barely detract from the card.

Fine: This card has obviously been played, but not heavily. The markings are not easily identifiable. It has minor scratches and/or less than
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