50000 Dogecoin straight to your wallet!!

50000 Dogecoin, Get them while they are still cheap..you know how price went up for Bitcoins!!!!

Remember, Once transferred, there will be no refunds as the currency will no longer be in my possession. Please send me your wallet address during payment.

You'll need to have a Dogecoin wallet. Always keep your wallet synchronized..Seller is not responsible if the Buyer provides a wrong wallet ID. This is electronic currency and no item will be sent to your physical address. I will send .01 Dogecoin first to your wallet address. Once you confirm receipt I will send 50000 coins to your wallet. This is for your own safety to confirm correct wallet address. Feedback score of at least 5. Your account needs to have been opened for at least 6 months. If I suspect the buyer's account is fraudulent or questionable in any way, I reserve the right to cancel the agreement and refund the payment.