Pale cranberry to vaseline with white opalescent trim and swirl applied rigaree and two arms that hold matching hanging baskets. Large trumpet measures 11` high x 7` wide and each basket measures 7` high x 3 1/4` wide. No chips or cracks. (updated - 1/18/07 1:30 pm EST - This is a lovely piece of glass work that does glow appropriately under black light. The condition is very good. We found one small flaw on the inside upper edge on one of the baskets. It is a surface bubble that and has a small opening on the lower edge. It is less than 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch. There is also a very small bit of surface wear to the underside of the base as should be expected. There are no chips, no cracks, no repairs, no heatchecks. We have inspected it carefully and there is no physical damage that we have found other than that one open blister type bubble that was formed during the blowing of the glass. As for fleabites, nips, dings or any verbage of that kind, we realize that bidders are trying to protect themselves from getting damaged items. This piece is very good, but we also have no doubt that if anyone should go over it with a magnifier, they would probably find something to complain about. It is a wonderful, gorgeous and rare piece that would be suitable for the best of collections. Best of luck!) (UPDATED 1/18/07 - image added to show small ... read more