50c denomination of a scarce and historic issue. Might have graded even higher. Printed in black & brown but the face appears purple & olive due to the orange, gold, and yellow underprint. We expect Asian color notes to skyrocket in popularity and price. The opportunity of a lifetime. Generations of good luck with this rarity .

Numismatists collect the world's currencies, sometimes specializing in a single country, region or time-frame. They can focus on coins, paper currency or both. Chinese paper currency is popular among collectors for its colorful depiction of Mao Zedong, Chinese folk heroes and naturalistic scenes from around China. Collectors wishing to specialize in Chinese paper currency have a number of options to build their collections, including conventions, coin shows, hobby shops and the Internet. Research Chinese paper currency. There are online resources that describe Chinese currency in detail, but you can also visit coin shops and conventions and speak to dealers. Local libraries may also have books on collecting paper money. Numismatic publications also offer price lists for currency circulating among collectors and grading guides for bills. Determine which Chinese paper currency you wish to collect. This can include specific denominations, ancient money, bills depicting Mao or those that do not.
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