STUNNING! 50's One piece highly flamed rock maple TL guitar neck, half price

Beautiful one piece flame rock maple Telecaster neck/fingerboard with skunk stripe. It is a AAA class 50's retro neck that has a RRP of over £150.00 This is being sold for around HALF PRICE!!! Each neck is slightly different but all are of the same quality regarding flame or quilting and all are almost identical in measurements. The nut width is 42.8mm,the height of the heel is 26.2mm in the centre and 56.5mm in width. The machine head holes are 8mm but there is a choice of 10mm (please specify if 10mm required).The fingerboard radiius is approx 13-14" and the profile is a 'C' with a very gentle "V". The truss rod is at the bottom of the heel and works right to left.