What You Look to Gain From This Auction The Grand Treasure is a '52' Toppsâ,,¢ unopened pack including the scarce high series. Unopened, this pack will be a centerpiece of any collection. Opening it could yield a PSA Gem Mint 10 #311 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card, which has sold for $275,000.00. What will you find?

You can also pull one of five Diamond Treasures. T will be unopened vintage packs from Toppsâ,,¢ of the years '1959', '1960', '1963', '1964', and '1965'. Will you pull one of these maybe?

Look for randomly inserted unopened vintage Topps TM packs from 1966 to 1980! You may pull one of these treasures!

Every box will contain at the least 20 modern day packs from the 1980's, the 1990's and the 2000 years offering great opportunities for you to grab rookie cards of recent and future HOF inductees. If you are interested then read on.

Don't Let This One Slip By! This may be your last opportunity to win an unopened Toppsâ,,¢ high series pack. The chance of pulling this prize is just 1:8000 according to the production of this product, so your chances are good and t are no reports of any one finding the Grand Treasure. Just imagine the rush of opening this box, dumping out the contents, and having a '52' Pack looking up at you. Maybe one of the packs you'll see in the pile will be one of the Diamond
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