53.9g Gold Bar Melted Drop Scrap Plated Computer Pins Gold Recovery Ceramic CPU

Please Read:
Thank you for your interest in my auction.
This auction is for a Melted Drop from Gold PLATED computer pins.
Each pin melted was acid tested for at least 1 8k gold PLATING before it was added to the melt.
This drop contains ALL the metal from the pins , not just the plating.
THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE . If there w as a 24 g (which these drops are not 14k ) drop that was 14k gold, out of that 24g, 14g would be 24k gold. With gold being over 50$ per gram, that would make the drop worth hundreds.
If it were 10k, that would be 10g of 24k. Again, worth hundreds. Since they are not 14k, or 10k, or even 8kt, I can not advertise them as such, so do NOT be confused. END OF EXAMPLE .
This drop is NOT solid gold.
This drop will NOT test positive for gold using conventional acid testing.
Th e karat of this drop is unk nown b ut it does contain Gold.
I do accept returns u p to 14 days after original purchase date. Please CONTACT ME FIRST if you have any issues/concerns about returns.
DO NOT send me the items back without speaking with me before hand. If you send them back to me, I have no idea who sent them, and who to refund money to. If drops are damaged upon return, I will not be able to refund because they become unsellable.
Please ask questions BEFORE you bid on this
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