6.53"Polychrome Jasper Massage Wand Picture Desert Jasper Reiki Stone , Pjp201

This Stunning Polychrome (Picture/Desert) Jasper Massage Wand was mined, shaped and hand polished on Madagascar. It displays absolutely amazing painting like patterns of deep contrast colors. This piece is a true masterpiece created by mother nature! The stone is 100% natural - no heating, artificial coloration, etc.

Dimensions: 6.53 " x 1.66" x 1.09"

Weight: 0.689 lbs

Polychrome Jasper stimulates the Third Eye (6th) and Root (1st) chakras .Energetically supports bone growth and healing. Brings joy in simple things. Enhances cleansing and purification of the connective tissues, stimulates elimination and alleviates allergic reactions. Helps come to terms with situations. Being an element of the Earth, helps one emotionally reconnect to the Earth and to the ancient knowledge of living in balance. It is believed to help one link with distant places and times through meditation.