54.2 grams Scrap or non scrap Gold 14k-24k,

This items range from 14k to 24k gold . The weight is 54.2 grams and is ideal for gold removal or not . It depends on you.

I had collected this gold and more to remove the gold. I tried and could not remove it. I don't have the know how. My lack of gold removal knowledge is your gain.

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Included items are:

4 gold rings with stones, ruby, saphire, diamonds

1 gold ear ring with 1 ruby

5 24k gold mini coins

4 pendants , 1 pendant has diamonds and 1 big emerald in the middle.

1 Nintendo collectors Jigglypuff gold card 2 x 2 3/4 "....NOTE: This in itself could be a real collector's item . Very rare.

1 bottle gold flake. Pure 24 k .

I accept Paypal only and will oly ship to the USA and Canada

Shipping will be sent USPS in an envelope. Send payment within 2 days of buying. Will mail in small envelope.