54"x71" Antique Victorian Oak Wood Wooden Fireplace Mantel Mantle Beveled Mirror

Penn Antique Restoration 54"x71" Antique Victorian Oak Fireplace Mantel w/5 Mirrors & 4 Shelves
Spectacular, antique mantel salvaged from Southeastern Pennsylvania. It's made of solid oak and is divided into 2 parts: the mantel and the overmantel.

The mantel has thick, stepped molding around sides of its shelf, and there are 2 curved corbels supporting the shelf.

The overmantel has one, large, beveled mirror in the center, flanked by 4, smaller beveled mirrors. There is a shelf in between each pair of smaller mirrors.
Stripping : We used to completely strip and repair fireplace mantels, but that drove up the sale price and some customers wanted to do the work themselves to save money and others wanted us to re-paint the mantel, which doesn't require extensive, costly stripping. We left the mantel "as is" and left it up to you to decide. If you would like us to do any work on the mantel, please email us for quote. The photos at the bottom show a huge mantel that we disassembled, stripped, repaired, and refinished.

Condition : There is a crack in mantel's shelf, on the right side. The crack is most likely a stress crack that formed naturally over time from the wood expanding and contacting, and not from impact. The left leg of the mantel is slightly loose and there is a board missing from the left side of the
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