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We ATS-BLADES are suppliers of Quality Damascus Steel Products,

knives, Swords, Daggers, Blade Blanks, Folding Knives, Fantasy Knives,

hunting knives, etc…

T is a wide range for all your needs, you name it and we have it.

ATS -- (Asian Tactical Supplies) by zaff


we have a wonderful research product, combining the art of central American Maya civilization and Damascus steel of modern age,

These Native Americans made sure that their weapons were deadly sharp and robust to perform the art of survival in the thick rain forests, among all the deadly creatures.

This huge beauty is a graceful survival knife for those who dare to survive.

Water Buffalo Bone Joint and Customised Rose Wood Handle

Damascus Steel Guard..

Fine Art Work on the Back Of Damascus Steel Blade...

Leather Lanyard with Camel Bone and Stag Tail Slots


The overall measurement makes it 55 Cm long,

Blade length is 37 Cm,

Handle length is 18 Cm.

The Damascus steel blade is a mix of spring steel and 1024 steel, the layer count is 180.

We ship fast, please check the import and purchase regulations of your country before you bid.
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