55 Vintage 0-Scale Plasticville SMALL Parts - Cattle Pen - Dairy Barn - Antennas

The items shown are the exact items you will receive. This is Lot #18 of 20 of Plasticville parts lots I am posting tonight (Monday April 1). The remaining 19 lots will be posted this evening.

You are bidding on 55 vintage 0-Scale Pl asticville parts. Now note: some parts are damaged. They still can be useful for the "kit bashers." Some parts shown are for: Cattle Pen - Dairy Barn - Independence Hall - Fire Truck (ladder) - Barn - Gas Station - etc. (The gas station pump - photo #5 has a red "hose" attached - NOT original).

Along with this lot, I will be listing 100's of other Plasticville parts to be sold in large parts-lots. So, keep checking my store for updated parts lots.

Please, look at all of my photos to judge for yourself their condition and if they can fit your needs.

Please email me with particular questions you might have regarding these structures.

As with all of my items, the shipping is FREE and satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply return for a full refund.

Thank you for looking and for your bid consideration.