5500 Baseball cards.Memorabilia..1975-2007.Autos..$$$$$

Ohhhh Boy....I'm moving and you get all the benefits...Over 5500 Baseball cards, Collections, Memeorabilia, Autographs, Jersey cards, rookie cards, and sooooo much more...Guranteed Joe mauer rookie card, Evan Longoria auto rookie card, Jeter error card, Roger clemens 1985 rookie..4 SHARP corners .Awesome deal, Mantle inserts, Griffey, cal ripken inserts, Ozzie Smith MONEY MONEY MONEY....You will get all your moneys worth in this auction.... Ts $100.00 worth just in those 3 cards, than you have 5500 more.I bet the book pricing for all these cards is THOUSANDS of dollars. I cant take any of this stuff with me. You will get LOTS of A-Rod cards, Jeter cards including the Bush and mantle error card..Thousands of superstars...Mattingly, Ryan, Clemens, Bonds, Ichiro, ...You will also get....

Nomar Garciaparra...Mcfarlane figure

Kevin appier figurine from starting lineup 15 years ago

Cal ripken lot....special edition metal cards in a metal container

unopened 1989 limited edition baseball superstars set from fleer

Pujol cards, mauer cards, wright cards,

Over 100 serialed numbered cards from Nomar to Ryan Howard

Thousands of doallrs invested in these cards, and i cant take em. Look at the pictures of the old cards. They are in awesome condition for being over 25 years old. Reggie
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