55g Gold Ore Natural Gold Ore Nuggets Jinfeng Mine China Gold Ore B274

Item Description

NO RESERVE! China Gold Ore, Jinfeng Mine Look at the photos, this is super high grade museum quality Gold ore, a collectors dream find! You are bidding on super high grade Gold ore. Mined out of China. The Jinfeng mine is the 2nd largest gold mine in china.
The gold ore nugget you are bidding on is generally mined to refine, in order to get gold, silver & sometimes copper or platinum. Many people now buy choice pieces of natural Gold ore like this in order to keep as a piece of beauty & history.
Collectors... This is a piece you will want for your collection. Gold Ore is a great investment.
BEAUTIFUL GOLD ORE! You don't need a loop to see the beauty in this Gold ore piece!
You are bidding on super high grade Gold ore. This particular ore is from China. Just look at the gold, see how it shines when the lights hit it.
The gold, silver, platinum ore in the photo is the exact one you will receive. I've taken several photos so you can get a look at all the gold all over this nugget. Solid gold nuggets are very rare. Be careful when bidding, don't be fooled by others claiming their ore is solid gold or silver, this simply isn't the norm & is very rare. This is the highest grade gold ore you can expect. A beauty to own if you are a collector. The metals found in this ore is Gold,
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