Beautiful 56 hand made straw ornaments from Germany. Takes a lot of practice to make them. Pretty designs with a touch of gold dust. Come in a wooden storage box. Very nice. NEW.
Please remember, most of my linens are vintage or antique. Sometimes I have NEW items and I will say so. If I see any defects or stains I will mention it. But I am only human too. If I overlook something, please let me know and we will work it out. Be so kind and NOT treating me immediately with a negative feedback, t is no NEED for. Thank you. Thank you for looking and please take a moment to view my other auctions. Have a nice day or evening. Because of negative experience, I ask for payments within 7 days or if other agreements w made with me. If you want to collect a few weeks to save on shipping fees, please send me a short email. Thank you. ATTENTION! Because of non-paying bidders with 0 or low feedbacks in the last few weeks, I will not accept bids from users with feedbacks of less than 10. I will cancel bids if the user's feedbacks are lower than 10. I hate to do this, but this is a very time-consuming business to write one email after another and then I receive no responses from them. I do apologize for the inconvenience this causes for effected bidders who would not behave in such a manner.
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