T-56 PF-1 $100 1863 Confederate Paper Money

T-56 PF-1 $100.00 CSA Currency. Soldiers to the left. Lucy H. Pickens, center. George W. Randolph to the right. 1st Series. Printed on paper watermarked CSA in block letters surrounded by a wavy line. Serial number 25359. Plen C.

Fine to Very Fine. Mid grade 1863 $100 CSA note. Large punch out cancels (POC) at signatures. A corner nip upper left and some small edge nicks. Nice color. Net Fine, POC.


The T-56 is another $100 with a back. All T-56s came on paper watermarked with CSA in block letters horizontally surrounded by a wavy line. The printers used a machine to stamp the serial numbers onto the note. These mechanisms were designed to make this note more difficult to counterfeit. Nevertheless, some counterfeits exist today on plain paper.

The center of the note has a vignette of Lucy Pickens, the wife of the Governor of South Carolina. There was a lot of debate about whether this vignette was of Pickens or of Mrs. Jefferson Davis in the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries. However, H.D. Allen goes to great lengths to show that it is indeed Mrs. Pickens. At the lower left are figures representing the army and artillery branches of the military. George Wythe Randolph, the Secretary of War, is featured in the lower right corner. The reverse is ornate, with the denomination and the terms "Fundable
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