Rare- "B-58 Hustler" Nuclear Bomber Aircraft Pilot Flight Manual- 1962-Authentic

Rare- Original- "B-58A Hustler" Nuclear Bomber Aircraft Pilot Flight Manual- Printed 1962- Authentic (Dash 1). Very Good condition from "Strategic Air Command" Cold War Era.

Spine fully intact. All pages intact. Hundreds of Illustrations! "SAC" Embossed Emblem on cover.

Massive! Approximately 500 pages! Tight binding. Covers fully intact. Only minor typical wear from age otherwise very good! From a private collection.

Very interesting reading!

Superb scarce collectors item or gift or for a historical researcher!

The History-

Convair "B-58 Hustler" Nuclear Penetration Bomber:

The "B-58 Hustler" design was the first "true" USAF supersonic bomber program. The

Convair design was based on a delta wing with a leading-edge sweep of 60° with four

General Electric J79-GE-1 turbojet engines, capable of flying at twice the speed of

sound. Although its large wing made for relatively low wing loading, it proved to be

surprisingly well suited for low-altitude, high-speed flight. It seated three (pilot,

bombardier/navigator, and defensive systems operator) in separated tandem cockpits.
Later versions gave each crew member a novel ejection capsule that made it possible

to eject at an altitude of 70,000 ft (21,000 m) at speeds up to Mach
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