58 pcs.mother of pearl & sterling flatware

T are 58 pieces of flatware.T are 6 dinner knives,8 luncheon knives,6 luncheon forks,6 dinner forks,8 fruit knives,3 berry forks,1 oyster forks,14 butter spreaders,5 salad forks,1 butter knife ,the handles are mother of pearl and the middle pieces are sterling,.the knife blades and the fork blades or the part you eat with are another metal,on some of the blades the words Universal is shown ,They may have been made after 1900 for all I know.but they are very old,.They come with a holder that holds the whole set.t is no reserve,please look at my other selling items,because I am going to list lots of these mother of pearl flatware pieces.The difference in many of the pieces of the other sets is the middle or sterling piece,they have different designs,other than that,they mostly are the same,so you can really use one set with another set ,or one piece with another piece.The pieces with this set have all the same middle pieces.If you have any questions please email me at or call me at .thanks larry,if you live in Illinois you will have to pay sales tax,otherwise t is no sales tax to folks that live out of state of illinois.