T-59 PF-38 $10 Confederate Paper Money

T-59 PF-38 $10.00 CSA Currency. State capitol proposed for Columbia , S.C. in the center. R.M.T. Hunter to the right. 2nd Series. Error with 1 in front of 2 Series. Printed on paper watermarked CSA in block letters surrounded by a wavy line. Serial number not clear. Plen D .

Fine to Very Fine. Minor mounting remnants on corners on back. Cut-out-cancelled.


The T-59 was printed on white paper and has a back. The center of the note presents a mock up of the proposed state capitol of South Carolina in Columbia . R.M.T. Hunter, who served as Secretary of State for a brief stint as well as a Confederate Senator, is shown at the lower right. The reverse is ornate with the denomination. This note was payable two years after the ratification of a Treaty of Peace between the Confederate States and United States . It also was receivable for all dues except export dues and fundable in 6% bonds within 12 months of issue.

This type comes on quality white bank note paper. T-59 is rich with varieties from “series” errors, plate letter mismatches, and includes a number of inverted backs. Most of the T-59 inverted backs are extremely rare. The T-59 also has the rarest Confederate watermark, the J Green & Son 1862 paper, of which there are three known in collector’s hands and three in museums.

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