5Grains Pure Solid .999 Fine Gold Bullion Bar Coin 24k

5 Grains Pure .999 Solid Gold Bar

5 Grains Solid 24k Gold Bullion Bar .999 Fine. This 24k Gold Bar is 24k and weighs 5 Grains . Its weight and size make it a Rare Collectors Item. It comes protected in a 2" x 2" see through Mylar Jacket, which makes for easy storage, can be viewed without being touched, thus keeping fingerprints or smudges from those who view it, also if it is dropped it can be easily seen due to the size of the Mylar Jacket. It would make a great addition to any collection or be a great starter someone new to collecting precious metals. Since Gold is on the rise people have been collecting more of it as well as other precious metals, typically ounces or fractions of ounces are sought after by the majority of collectors and then some will purchase much larger quantities. One of the reasons that people prefer gold as an investment is that it can be traded in for cash or goods anywhere in the world, It is hard for me to go anywhere in the city without seeing signs for businesses that want to buy your gold. While the Larger Bars such as kilo's can be cashed in for a great sum of money which is a great payday if you sell it, in the more rural areas or in third world countries it becomes harder for merchants or businesses to have that large sum of cash to cash you out and it would be a shame to have to take a
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