5x Mold-A-Rama Presidents New York 1964-65 Worlds Fair - Washington, Lincoln, ++

This auction is for a SET of 5x President Mold-A-Ramas figures!

The 'large' president molds were originally designed to be vended at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair while the 'small' President Kennedy bust is believed to have been originally vended at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair!

The lucky high bidder will receive the following MOLD-A-RAMA Presidents:

* George Washington - back reads "1st Pres. 1789-1797" and has his signature.

* Abraham Lincoln - back reads "16th Pres. 1861-1865" and has his signature.

* Harry Truman - back reads "33rd Pres. 1945-1953" and has his signature.

* John F. Kennedy (large) - back reads "35th Pres. 1961 - " and has his signature. [at the time the mold was produced, JFK had not yet been assassinated]

* John F. Kennedy (small) - front reads "J. F. Kennedy"

All molds are molded in BLACK plastic. The black plastic highlights the great DETAILS of each mold! These guys look awesome!

Some of these molds have not been molded publically in many many years! Don't miss this HISTORIC Presidential Mold-A-Rama set! It can be appreciated by WF collectors, history buffs, coin-op collectors, just about anyone!

Each Mold-A-Rama figure is in mint condition as it was vended. There are no cracks, separations, holes, etc, just typical molding marks as
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