5xPapua New Guinea Beautifully Carved Bamboo Spears PNG

5 Bamboo Spears New Guinea
NewGuinea arrows have bamboo, wood or bone tips set in bamboo shafts. Theshafts are approximately 5 feet long (150 cm). The tips are secured with fine wrappings of bilum string or woven rattan. The shafts are sometimes decorated with painted or incised designs, string or feathers.

* Carved shaft accented with lime, small dot designed on the bamboo

tip, used to hunt wild pig.

* Small cowry shell attached to the string binding on the shaft,

also used to hunt wild pig.

* Lashed three-pronged tip for hunting birds, larger versions of this

same style are used for fish.

* Bone-tipped arrow.

* Bamboo tip with small vertebrae attached, used to hunt lizards and


* Serrated wood tip, used to hunt lizards and birds.

* Serratted wood tip, probably blackpalm, used to hunt lizards and


* Two incised bamboo tip with small bits of colored tradestore yarn

wrapped around the shafts, used to hunt wild pigs.

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