6.12 lb chunk of Amethyst Sage Agate with Dendrites

Amethyst Sage Agate from Denio, Nevada Area; rough chunk with dendritics. Faced off on two sides. Some pitting and several tiny vugs, but a lot of the face of this chunk is porcelain smooth. T's white dendritic opal showing in a window chipped out of the back side of this cobble. I love cutting amethyst Sage, Every slab off brings a whole new look. A number of Cabbing possibillities. Outdoor pictures of this specimen are pictured wet. Photos are absolutely untouched or tweaked in any way. Cannon sd400 digital, outdoors sunny day.

Weight is 6.12 pounds, Measures roughly 6" by 5 1/4" by 4 1/2" thick, at the thickest point.

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