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We offer the highest karat gold nuggets you will find on ebay,
as close to pure gold that can be found in nature!
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Weight/description : 6.33 grains!... Long/bulky golden gem (picker), karat purity approaches pure gold!.... As with about every nugget we offer, the karat purity if tested will exceed 23 karats (96% pure gold) or we will gladly buy it back!.... Know what you are buying, be aware of sellers that do not list weights upfront or hide the weight deep inside the item description as these are dishonest selling practices !.... T is a difference between grains & grams, a troy weight conversion table is listed below !.... Have questions ?.... Just ask, we are always glad to answer them! We only offer premium grade Australian gold nuggets !... We are often asked if the nugget/s are as nice as the photo indicates, please read the recent quotes from a licensed Assayer and Gemologist dated 1/27/06: "I re-checked the nuggets I received from you to see if they had been possibly refined in any manner but electron microscope indicated they are 100% native, an acid test plus 2 other tests reconfirmed purity at 96% over-all with less than .012 tolerance deviation between samples." "Damned good" was his final remark!.. Bid with
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