6 A.J. Nystrom & 1 Cram Vintage Retractable School Map

This auction is for Six Vintage Retractable School Maps . Five of the maps are by A.J. Nystrom & Co. and one is by Cram. All of the maps are secured on wooden rods with metal ends that are attached to metal frames. I believe all of these maps fit into the wooden wall holder. The wooden holder is included in this auction.

The paper of each map measures 48 1/2âe wide and the metal bracket measures 55âe from edge of frame to edge of frame. Most of the maps are about 80âe long.

All of the maps are in good condition for their age. The paper is slightly yellowed which is to be expected. None of the maps have any major damage as you can see from the photos, however; the edges do show wear. Map three will not seem to roll up all the way on its own (about 12 inches hang down).

None of the maps have a year on them. I tried researching them online and found that undated Nystrom maps are from the early 1900âe(tm)s so I really have no idea how old they are and I am not sure if that is even accurate or not. In looking at some other Nystrom maps online they are numbered in the 200-300 range and were from the fifties. All of the Nystrom maps in this auction are numbered between 4 and 20. They are definitely old but that is all that I know for sure.

Map #1

Publisher: A.J. Nystrom & Co.

Title: Sanford-Gordy
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