6 Calico Kittens Priscilla Hillman with wagon

6 Priscilla Hillman Calico Kitten Navtivity set with wagon/barn

1. Angel # CO/730 "A purr-fect angel from Above. 1993

2. #CI 993 "I'll bring a special Gift for you." 1993

3. #CO/ 236 "Sharing a special gift of Love." 1993

4. #CO/593 "Friendship is the Best gift of all" 1993

5. #CI/900 " Sharing the gift of Friendship" 1993

6. CO/149 "ALways watching over you" 1993 (note: the very tip of his stick is broken.

These are all in good shape except for the shephard as stated above.

It includes a wagon/barn with detail of a calico star above it and a calico heart on top. It also has a small mouse laying on the side. It has a pull string with a knob on the end. The bottom has a sticker that says "1993 Priscilla Hillman License Enesco Corporation 28441". Any guestions, or more pictures, please email me.