1/6 Custom Green Hornet and Kato '30's Custom Figure

The Green Hornet is one of heroic fiction's oldest characters. He has been on radio and TV, in serials and movies and comics. But there are no real 1/6 scale action figures of him in any incarnation he has had. And, box office numbers notwithstanding, I don't count Seth Rogan as the Green Hornet. Here is your chance to own the green Hornet and his chauffeur/mechanic/bodyguard Kato from one of their earliest filmic experiences. These figures are both constructed on BBI G1 bodies, not the most advanced bodies but I do like the way they wear a suit. No effort has been spared to accurately craft these figures to be completely accurate.Right down to the cravat the Green hornet is wearing. (Well except for the Green Hornet's gun-I went for a more art deco look, more in keeping with the time the serial came out.) I will be honest though, the Hornet's coat has a small patch on the lower right front but it is virtually invisible with the way the coat has been draped. (I put wires in the seams for just this reason.) The hair on both figures has been gloss-coated to accurately represent the hair pomade worn by men in those days. Kato is accurately portrayed in the black suit, bow tie and goggles worn by Keye Luke in the original. So, if you are a fan of '30's era heroes or the Green Hornet and Kato the these are the figures for you. Bid early ... read more