Six (6) different humorously illustrated in color "INSULT THE AXIS POWERS" writing paper for people on the home front to use in writing to U. S. soldiers abroad. Fabulous graphics, great satire. Each page measures 10 & 1/2" by 7 & 1/2". T are 9 "PUT THEM ON A 'TIN FISH' DIET", 5 "BRING HOME THE BACON-THREE LITTLE HAMS WHO GOTTA BE CURED", 8 "PUT THE HEAT TO HIROHITO", 4 "GIVE THEM 'HELL-O' FOR US", 3 "KEEP THEM RUNNING RIGHT OFF THE MAP" and 10 "DO THAT JOB...AND HURRY HOME". No yellowing, no mildew, no tears, no folds--5 of the 9 "TIN FISH" have small water stains or dirt smudges. Truly American. Kill them with humor.

For those of you with a problem converting measurements and photos into a clear picture of an item, I occassionally include a photo that has a size reference point--a bottle of Perrier(7&1/2 "), a soda or beer can (5"), a coin, whatever makes sense to me at the time.

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