These are all chirimen silk. T are a whole lot of different kinds of chirimen which I did not know until I started doing Ebay but these are all chirimen silks that are the epitomy of chirimen. They are all matte and quite crinkled and all have fantastic designs except the piece on the right which is such a cool light aquamarine color that I thought you might like to have it anyway. They are not all exactly the same texture but pretty close and I would call them medium weight +. All are silk and all are beautiful. This is a bag of 6 large scraps taken from Japanese kimono or yukata. The shortest piece measures 7"x52". The longest measures 6.5"x82". The rest fall somew in between. They are a bit heavy so shipping is rather high. (270gs)Shipping from Japan to America, Europe and Oceania airmail will cost US$6.50. We will do what we can to combine shipping for multiple purchases. If you don't mind waiting SAL shipping will cost $4.50 but it will take 6 to 8 weeks. Our fabric comes from new and used Japanese kimono and yukata. Unless stated otherwise our fabric is in great condition. T will always be pin holes from w the stitching has been taken out unless it says new. We check our fabric for obvious stains and holes some may slip past us but we try to portray our fabric as honestly as possible. We take fabric seriously. If we say something ... read more