3.6 Lb Kentucky Large Geode Quartz Rock Whole Unopened Natural Crystal

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- To help expand the geographic diversity of your collection, we offer geodes, agates, fossils, and mineral specimens that we have self-collected exclusively from the State of Kentucky. We are not dealers. Each of our specimens has a story and a location attached to them, just ask. Our geodes are natural formations that have come from various locations in Kentucky. On occasion we use acid to burn out calcite or for cleaning the geodes. Iron out is also used on occasion. Mineral oil can be put on your specimens to preserve them, but that we leave up to the collector to decide. From time to time when there is a great specimen that had a bad break, but is still a really nice specimen, we will use glue to fix the break and it will be listed as such in the description. Please let us know if you are looking for something special other than what is listed or would like a larger quantity of geodes. We can put together a special package for you.

- Payment is due within 48 hours of auction end.

- Ships to contiguous US.

- We use USPS flat rate shipping.

- We will combine shipping if you are bidding on multiple items, please wait for our invoice so we can get you the best shipping rate.

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