1/6 M2 Bradley Tank 21st Century Toys

I'm selling my 1/6 m2 Bradley tank from 21st century toys/ultimate soldier toys as well as including the tank commander figure. This tank is huge and has tons of functioning parts. All the hatches work, the tank rolls extremely well, the turret turns, and the main gun and coaxial machine gun elevate upwards and drop downwards. The tow missiles mounted to the side of the turret elevate into firing position and the back door opens up and drops down to reveal the troop carrier area. This thing is very well detailed and makes a great collectors piece or Christmas gift! I am not responsible for any damages that may be caused in shipping. I will ship within 2-3 business days, and I ONLY SHIP TO THE 48 CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. PAYPAL ONLY. Thanks for viewing and best of luck!!