6-Packs Disney 12 CARS Lot Sarge Blue Mater Chick +WOW

This auction is for Both of the RARE, SOLD OUT and Limited First Manufactured CARS Character 6-Packs featuring a total of 12 Cars from Disney/Pixar's CARS full-length computer animated motion picture!

The top pack includes (from left to right): 1- BRAND NEW MATER! This Mater is painted teal blue with his original 'Tow Mater' Logo painted on the sides and is different from the one released in the Series 2 Supercharged Line; he has different coloring, has no front hood but instead has a black spare tire inside and his rearview mirrors and towing equipment are BLACK, not grey and he has blue eyes, blue hubcaps, a different, splashier 'Tow Mater' logo on his side, no grey headlights and no yellow painted lights- available now else- a real collector's item! Even the back of the box pictures him in his rusty old condition; 2- SHERIFF ; 3- SALLY ; 4- RAMONE ! Another change to the production- Ramone was included in this set, but BJ is featured on the picture on the box; 5- DOC HUDSON ; 6- WINGO .

The bottom pack includes: 1- the Rare SARGE ; 2- FILLMORE ; 3- LIGHTNING MCQUEEN ; 4- KING ; 5- the Rare CHICK HICKS ; 6- and the Rare LIZZIE !

SEE PHOTOS BELOW! These are the die-cast metal toys made by Mattel that are similar to Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars.

Buyer pays $16 Priority Shipping, Insurance & Delivery
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