1/6 Scale Sopwith Camel Plans & Templates 56" WS.

CD plan is also available.
Up on ebay is 60 size 1/6 scale Sopwith Camel paper plans & template, 56" WS, 36" fuselage length, 1,000 Sq. in. area, 4 channels radio, Power by .60-75 nitro engine or convert it to electric power. Again, this is very nice detail, full size plans show all wing ribs & formers to complete scratch build. Thank you for looking.

Scale 1/6

Wingspan 56 inches

Wing Area 1000 Sq. inches

Length 36 inches

Weight range 8 - 12 Pounds

Power required .60 - .75 2C Nitro Engine or convert to electric power.

NOTE: Plans will ship in big envelope to over seas bidder.