6" Shiva Lingham 'Enlightenment' See Kirlian Pic!

Approx. 6" (5.9") Shiva Lingham Only 28.00 - 1Lb,15.7Oz. The 2nd picture with all the colors shows you the wonderful energies that shiva's hold using Kirlian Photography. If you ever seen aura photos, same thing. (You get what is pictured.)

Shiva Lingam : Shiva Lingam has been an object of devotion and enlightenment for many centuries. Regarded as symbolic of the Hindu god Shiva. Shiva's carry a vibrant energy since the stones themselves are composed primarily of microscopic Quartz, ( Like the Florida Coquina Rocks - M.G.) Shiva Lingams resonate deeply with the energies of the earth, yet they also carry strong energies of water, wind, and even fire, ( like Florida Coquina rocks -M.G.) The fire energy of these stones is said to be so strong that they are capable of activating kundalini energies and charging the entire chakra system. Shiva's are emblems of inner transformation, partaking of the storm element in order to break up patterns of self-limiting habits and beliefs, so one may be flooded with Spirit. (Book of Stones)

Shiva's are said to be made from the Narmada River in India, in the mountains of Mandhata. Some crowds are familiar with the Shiva Lingam because it is the stone that Indy claimed in the Temple of Doom on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The stone is representative of male and female energy,
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