6 SPOON FORK Rogers Almada Blethen NICKEL SILVER scrap

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For one bid, you will receive all six pieces. These belonged to a friend of mine, they were family pieces that she received after her father's passing. Some I believe are silver, others look like silverplate.

Starting with the spoons:

1. marked "Rogers & Broai" or Broal? t is a star right before Rogers. T is wear on the back edges of the handle, as well as the back of the bowl and one side of the rim.

2. marked "Pat. Mar 2 - 15 1881" then an R in a wreath, then "Rogers" followed by another R in a wreath, and lastly "A1". T is wear on the back of the bowl as well as the inside of the bowl, and the tip of the bowl has a lot of little dents, almost as if this was bitten??

3. marked "H.A. Blethen." Much less wear on this one, but the handle has a crimp.

And the forks:

1. marked "Rogers" t is an anchor before and after the name, and after that is "12 oz". I believe this is silver, not plate. T is a rub on the back of the tines, otherwise good.

2. marked "ALMADA SILVER" and the initials J G are perpendicular to the mark, but not a monogram. I believe this is also silver, not plate. No major issues.

3. marked "Nickel
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